Lewitt Pure Tube – Studio Set Tube Microphone with 1″ True Condenser Capsule

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Unleash the power of vintage warmth and pristine sound with the PURE TUBE Studio Set from Lewitt. Designed for musicians, producers, and engineers seeking professional-grade vocal recordings, this set offers a comprehensive range of features to enhance your studio sessions.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Vocal Recording: Tailored specifically for vocal performance, the PURE TUBE Studio Set ensures crystal-clear capture of every nuance.
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern: Focuses on your vocals while minimizing unwanted background noise for pristine recordings.
  • 1" Gold-Sputtered Diaphragm: Delivers exceptional sensitivity and transient response for true-to-life vocal reproduction.
  • Hand-Selected ECC82/12AU7 Tube: Imbues your recordings with the warmth and character of vintage valve components, elevating your sound to new heights.
  • Ultralow Noise Performance: With an impressively low noise level of 7 dBA, the PURE TUBE ensures a clean signal, even during the most dynamic performances.
  • Handles up to 132 dB SPL: Capable of capturing loud vocal passages with remarkable clarity and detail.
  • Includes Shockmount: A fully adjustable shockmount is included to isolate the microphone from vibrations, ensuring stable and noise-free recordings.
  • Includes Magnetic Pop Filter: Say goodbye to plosives and vocal pops with the included magnetic pop filter, designed to seamlessly attach to the shockmount for hassle-free use.

Elevate your vocal recordings with the PURE TUBE Studio Set from Lewitt. Immerse yourself in the timeless warmth of vintage tube technology and unleash your creativity with confidence.

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Vendor: Lewitt

Lewitt PURE TUBE Studio Set: Elevating Vocal Recordings

Hand-Selected Tube Warmth

The PURE TUBE Studio Set by Lewitt offers musicians, producers, and engineers a large-diaphragm microphone powered by a hand-selected ECC82/12AU7 tube. This tube imparts the coveted warmth of vintage valve components to vocal recordings, ensuring a rich and vibrant sound.

Superior Circuitry for Unmatched Performance

Optimized specifically for vocal recordings, the PURE TUBE features a 1" gold-sputtered true-condenser capsule. Its revolutionary circuitry sets it apart from other microphone classics, delivering unparalleled warmth, depth, and intimacy to your voice.

The unique signal path is devoid of semiconductors and capacitors, allowing the hand-selected tube's character to shine through with an ultralow noise floor. With an ultralow noise level of 7 dBA, the PURE TUBE ensures your signal remains pristine even under heavy post-processing typical of contemporary music production.

Transformer-Based Clarity

To maintain clarity, the PURE TUBE incorporates a transformer-based filter that balances the proximity effect and perfectly rounds out the sonic image for vocal recordings. This ensures that every nuance of your performance is captured faithfully.

Complete Studio Set

The Studio Set version of the PURE TUBE comes complete with essential accessories to enhance your recording experience. A fully adjustable shockmount isolates the microphone from vibrations, effectively eliminating unwanted noise.

Additionally, an external magnetic pop filter is provided to prevent plosives and vocal pops, ensuring clear and smooth recordings. This pop shield magnetically attaches directly to the shockmount, eliminating the need for wobbly gooseneck pop filters.

Convenient Power Supply

For seamless operation, the PURE TUBE Studio Set includes a compact, energy-saving power supply unit and a 7-pin XLR cable. This ensures reliable power delivery to the tube mic, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect vocal performance without interruption.